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What Are Personas?

It’s quite simple:

Personas are shadows we all have aspects of.

Shadows of people are unresolved areas of life generally connected to what you’re successful in.

For example, if you’re a great healer, a shadow you could have with that is too much ego.

Or if you’re a great pickup artist, the shadow for that could be, you’re disrespectful towards the opposite gender.

Make sense?

What Personas Are There?

That raises the question.

The truth is, we all have at least one persona if we’re off our path and not dealing with it!

It’s just a matter of identifying it and being truly honest with yourself.

Once you acknowledge your persona, you can begin your way to getting rid of it!

Anyway, let’s get on with them!

There’s 12 different personas.

But they each require lots of writing, so we’re going to cover 3 of them and showing the shadows of people this different persona has in this blog.

Here’s The First One:


  • The “Righteous Virgin” Or “Ultimate Innocent”

This persona is when someone is in denial of their own realities, they don’t want to see what’s really occurring and may be hurting themselves and others but won’t want to acknowledge!

This is very common among those who carry deep seated, repressed, self-hurt.

These people are addicted to sugar and cheerfulness

Their goal is to find or remain in safety.

They fear abandonment

Their issue is denial or rescue

Their response (how to deal with this persona) is fidelity & discernment.


There’s a virtue to this persona and there is to all of them.

Their virtues are trust and optimism!


  • The “Professional Victim” Or “Poor Me Orphan”

These people are victims of the world!

They blame everyone and everything, including their own incompetence, irresponsibility and even predatory behaviours!

They expect social treatment or exemption from life because they’re so fragile or decimated by victimizers.

When this persona is in control, the person will attack even those trying to help them, harming them, and themselves or the person may collapse into dysfunction.

Their addictions are powerlessness, worry and cynicism.

Their goal is to regain safety

Their fear is exploitation.

Their issue is they feel victimized by the conditions required by solutions.

Their response is to feel the pain fully.

Their virtue however is interdependence.


  • “Terrorist Or Diplomat”

If both of the above personas are Shadow dominant, then the product for this 3rd aspect will be terrorized and will terrorize in turn.

Anyone with this persona will override morality, ethics or any thought of the “greater good” beyond their own needs.

People with this will feel continually embattled, and thus everything is perceived as a sleight, a threat or a challenge to be confronted.

Their addictions are achievement and success (externalized).

Their goal is winning

Their fear is weakness (losing to win)

Their issue is “kill it or comfort it”

Their response is fight for what matters most.


Their virtues are courage, conviction & discipline.


  • “Perennial Martyr”

Anyone who has this persona tends to control others and sucks energy through guilt!

For example, let’s say your mother or grandmother wants you to do something you know goes against your beliefs or principles, so you tell her “No”.

She might try to get you to go against your will by putting guilt on you by saying something like: “Look at all I’ve sacrificed for you!”

Sound familiar?

These people are characterized by manipulative/devouring behaviours using care-taking to smother others (sufferers often asthmatic).

They’re also co-dependent and have a compulsive need to heal everything / rescue others.

Their addictions are co-dependence.

Their goal is helping others / clarity of service area.

Their fear is “selfishness” (afraid of being viewed as selfish).

Their issue is self-love.

Their response is to heal without hurting themselves & others.

Their virtues are compassion and generosity!


  • “Absolute Perfectionist”

Although being a perfectionist can have its benefits, it also has its drawbacks!

Let me explain:

People with this persona are always striving for the “perfect” solution in order to never find one.

They’re “self-improvement junkies”, health club fanatics, food fadders and workshop addicts!

They never feel ready to commit to accomplish anything much.

Why? Because it isn’t quite right for them, so they’re forever dissatisfied with something, if it’s not just one thing, it’s everything.

Their addiction is self-centred independence and perfection!

Their goal is seeking a better life.

Their fear is depth/discovery

Their issue is running from themselves.

Their response is being true to their inner self.

Their virtue is autonomy and ambition.


  • Emotional Cannibal” Or “Creator”

If both of the above personas are Shadow dominant then tremendous conflict and deep unhappiness will be the result!

It’ll lead to an increasing need to satisfy the craving for love, affection and recognition, whilst subconsciously denying every potential source of help!

Because of this, it leads to severe emotional abuse of others because “Love” is given and / or withheld becomes the major tool of “Life”!

Their addictions are relationships (whether it’s with people, animals, trees, etc).

Their goal is bliss.

Their fear is a “Love” famine.

Their response is to find what can be truly loved, and build from there.

Their virtues are passion and commitment!


  • “The Compulsive Destroyer”

This persona is a problem because if there’s not enough balance in the “Perennial Martyr”, “Absolute Perfectionist” and the “Emotional Cannibal” or “Creator”, and if these 3 shadows are very dominant.

Then it’ll be very likely your life will end up manifesting extended self-destructive behaviours, manifest by addictions, compulsiveness, or any activity which affects relationships, career success, or self-esteem!

These often lead to physical and emotional abuse of others!

People with this persona tend to have addictions which are self-destructive habits, “soul suicide”.

Their goal is release.

Their fear is God-Self.

Their issue is clarity and resolve.

They usually respond by surrendering to strength in vulnerability.

Their virtue is humility.


  • “The Obsessive Projectionist”

When people have this persona, they see life as meaningless or empty unless there is a project, challenge or new thing to do.

This is caused by their low boredom and lack of awareness of the inner worlds.

These people tend to express their deep and inner emptiness through obsessive projection, creation of so many possibilities that none can be acted upon fully.

There is a close similarity to the woman who got pregnant every time she felt life to be meaningless (The “Pumpkin Eater” Movie).

Their addiction is work, “creativity” to pass the time.

Their goal is self-identity.

Their fear is lack of authenticity.

Their issue is recognition that it is part of self.

Their response is self-acceptance.

Their virtue is individuality, vocational identification.


  • “The Wizard” Or “The Sorcerer”

This Persona is when your personality is split into 2 parts – (your destructive side and your creative side).

What does this mean?

Those two parts of your soul work together which will either create a life-changing realization for you, or a very dark side manifested by forced awareness! 

This happens as soon as you start looking down on others or yourself!

When you have this persona, you are the person who can find a way turn really good opportunities into bad!

This happens when we look down on ourselves or others, reducing

As soon as we start looking down on ourselves or other people, and only look at what’s wrong and not seeing the good, that’s when we gain this Persona.

“The Sorcerer” represents the part of our soul which manifests illness and disease.

It also represents the opposite of what Jesus (or Christ) would do.

This persona’s addictions are Power, Drugs, Self-Delusion and Dishonesty.

Their goal is Transformation.

Their fear is Evil and sorcery.

Their issue is Transform and transmute.

Their response is align with Christ, or Source.

Their virtue is Personal Power.


  • “Greater Or Lesser Tyrant”

Anyone who embodies this Persona gets rid of everyone who threatens their control, even if it means shutting down everyone’s creative expressions.

They’ll do whatever it takes to stay in control!

In general, people with this Persona usually have some degree of authority.


They were unaware or ignoring the responsibility which comes in these positions of power.

This behaviour generates useless and still environments which in turn creates fear, loneliness and misery likely to come.

The usual outcome generally makes you go smaller rather than expanding.

This happens until the person who has this Persona is tipped from the self-appointed throne, usually by his/her own hand.

Their addictions are control, power and co-dependencies.

Their goal is to have everything in order.

Their fear is chaos.

Their issue is finding constructive use of their power.

Their response is to take full responsibility for their lives.

Their virtues are responsibility and discipline.


  • “The Sybarite Or Satyr”

Anyone with this Persona is a big time pleasure seeker (Sybarite – one devoted to luxury and pleasure), or at worst, they could be a big eater, sloth or lecher, or even all 3!

Either way, the huge problem with this Persona is: 

The subconscious desires and influences are directed entirely by the lusts and urges of the physical body with little or no sense, dignity or control!

Their addictions are excitement, cocaine, ecstasy and sensory inebriation.

Their goal is enjoyment

Their fear is death / non-aliveness.

Their issue is possession.

Their response is to locate enthusiasm for expansion.

Their virtues are joy and freedom.


  • “The Liberator” Or “The Warden”

This Persona is a huge problem because with its external power, authority and destructive uses, it damages anyone who has this persona every aspect of their life!

This includes personal relationships, families, communities, work places, government, and so on, as well as the development of inner strength and responsibility.

This Persona also damages any realization of creative potentials way beyond contemporary forms of self-adulation (being very self-righteous and always looking to be “right”) 

And ultimately anyone with this Persona will have their creative side corrupted.

When this Persona is very dominant on a person, you’ll often see their tendencies leans toward:

  • Unfeeling judgment
  • In coldness
  • Reliance on rational, linear, logic
  • Heartlessness, dogmatism
  • And pomposity.

The problem with this Persona is the fact that it makes the person embodying it feel policed, regulated, chastised, limited or punished because they’re doing something that’s not considered “right”.


Here’s the thing:

The person’s real soul will always choose Higher love, together with the freedom and responsibility that implies.


This persona is intimidated by Higher love because it creates a huge potential to expand, and when the Warden is dominant, it imprisons what the person’s real soul chooses.

That means this persona will shut off any thoughts or choices your real soul wants to choose for your higher good!

Their addictions are “rightness”, superior judgment and tranquilizers.

Their goal is control of “truth”

Their fear is superior deception.

Their response is to find enlightenment.

Their virtue is wisdom in non-attachment.


Here’s Something Interesting:

We all have aspects of these personas, and I’m sure you know people with these personas too.

It’s just a matter of dealing with them and most importantly, clearing them out.

At the same time, each persona has a virtue and benefit to it!

In Conclusion

The reason people can be successful in one area of their life and not another is because they have aspects of any of these personas that need to be cleared.

The 3 personas covered in this blog are:

  • The “Righteous Virgin” or “Ultimate Innocent”
  • The “Professional Victim” or “Poor Me Orphan”
  • “Terrorist or Diplomat”

Each persona has different addictions, goals, fears, issues and responses.

Each persona also has a virtue or virtues.

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