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  • Flowers remedies hebben zowel mij als m'n kids altijd opnieuw ondersteunt in onze processen zodat we mooie transformaties kunnen maken.Het afgelopen 1,5 jaar was ik elke twee a drie weken ongesteld. Na de tantric dearmoring massage heb ik eindelijk weer 28 dagen cyclus. ... ❤️ Daniëlle Verhaegen

  • I have taken consultations with Mirjam three times now and taken her flower tinctures twice with a third tincture on the way. Mirjam’s flower remedy practice is a subtle and powerful method of helping balance and align her patients on their personal spiritual paths of development, as I have had the joy of seeing demonstrated in my own experience. Each time I have taken the consultation with her, I have felt able to voice my inner conflicts and struggles in my growing process, and have them addressed with beautiful understanding and astoundingly useful insight. Mirjam provides a safe space for me to express the very unique and nuanced details of my own spiritual journey, which involves phenomena and experiences that cannot be safely shared with manyprofessional therapists. It is truly a gift. For myself, the flowers and other agents, such as fungi and minerals, that Mirjam uses to compose her tinctures, are physical-material representations of the insights and intuition she gives in response to what I have to share about my life. Each agent has its healing and aiding properties, suited to help us wherever we are at on our path. Both times I have taken the tincture as part of my routine, I have discovered that the change in myself that is elicited is truly powerful. I have felt empowered to change from disorientation to concentration, stagnance to action, bitterness to love. These changes are not immediately obvious, but they are not at all discountable when they happen. Last time I made use of the tincture, I was in a period of economic hardship that had lasted some months. Within a week, I had found work and lifted myself out of poverty. All in all, Mirjam’s practice is truly a blessing! The consultation and the tincture together form a solid and effective technique for producing what in my spiritual discipline would be called a magickal talisman, or spell. I look forward to working more with Mirjam, and for anyone undergoing intense spiritual growth during this time, I highly recommend taking advantage of these flower helpers. Xavier Mclves.


  • Hi sister. Always grateful. My twin brother has brain damage and has been wheelchair bound. He was becoming very withdrawn and mirjham has been sending flower remedies and we have all seen a change in my brothers energy over the last year or so. Thank you sister. Nayesh Radia.  

  • Mirjam's flower remedies helped me a lot in the last years, supporting me in my deep healing and transformation journey. From getting a better sleep, improved digestion to building a loving connection with myself and all around me. I know Mirjam for more than 2 years now, and today I just had another consultation with her. The love, laugh and energy she brings to the consultation is another beautiful remedy as well

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